Ozail international is a leader in manufacturing, formulating, packaging and exporting of agricultural, pest control, industrial and veterinary chemicals.

We offer the latest technology available in the market at affordable prices. Our team, based in United Kingdom is formed by highly qualified engineers and workers of multiple nationalities. We, with over 25 years of experience, we have potential to sell globally.

Our mission
To produce high quality products and to provide protection of crops, people and animals worldwide.

Our values

High Standard
To maintain a high standard with an excellent customer service, available in multi languages.

High quality
Our engineers and designers ensure that our products are produced to an exceptionally high standard. Our factory is ISO 9001 quality assurance and all our products are lab tested to insure high efficacy and performance.

Quick service
Our customer service agents and engineers guarantee 100% response and effective order tracking. Our shipping department insures express service.

Quick registration
Our scientists have extensive experience in registering products, creating dossiers and SDSs and gain product approvals for sale.

Contact us at info@ozail.com